Launching the first branded Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.


Lucini Italia Branded Parmigiano Chees Packaging

BOXED IN • Launching a branded super-premium parmigiano reggiano cheese.

This award-winning project is a significant pivot away from the typical plastic wrap cheese product typically sold in grocery stores.  We thought Italy’s most rare and beloved cheese deserved more.  Our job was to uncover how American consumers  approached the category and how to make an emotional connection with an audience mostly unfamiliar with its legacy.

When a product is made by hand with great care using only organic ingredients, and then aged for 36-months it deserves more than some saran wrap at the shelf.  We worked closely with the client to develop a strategy for bringing a branded product to the US and a design that expressed the craftsmanship of the cheese itself.  This DOP Parmigiano Reggiano packaging bridges between the tradition of Italy’s most beloved cheese and America’s burgeoning gourmet cheese market.

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