Stardock Fences License Agreement

It`s for Object Desktop. A full-fledged program is what Neil said above. If you buy a standalone program and save the file .exe and license. You can use it forever as long as it works on the system. You don`t get updates if a new release number comes out, no matter how long it`s been. It could be a week. Business licenses are available, but more restrictive, if I am not mistaken. Submissions. If you decide to use on the Stardock site material or other “content” information (including ideas, concepts or techniques for new or improved services and products, whether it is information, reactions, accept that such submissions are unlimited and non-confidential and that you automatically grant Stardock and its awarding entities a non-exclusive, no-cost, global, unlimited, irrevocable license to sublicensing, copying, copying, transmitting, creating derivative works, advertising and execution.

I responded to my article and included the corresponding license clause of the license displayed by the Object desktop installation program. I think the license will be extended to several VM on these “unique PCs,” but others should check. 1. Install the software on a computer used for commercial, professional, educational or other purposes, non-personal, without first obtaining a license from Stardock. Please contact: or visit: for licensing options. Your license is only for a computer. It requires the installation of Object Desktop when used on another computer. I do VMs and several computers at home.

I`m not interested in paying for a license on any computer/VM. I also wanted to use the Icon Packager at work, but your license continues to prohibit all use in commercial environments. The following section shows that I can`t install my purchased software on my work computer because it`s not a commercial license…. In fact, make my purchase useless to me. In case you need to contact Stardock, please visit the website for current contact information. Written correspondence for the distribution of mail to Stardock can be sent to Stardock as follows: c/o Stardock Corporation, 15090 N. Beck Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170. In addition, I recommend you introduce a personal version that people can concede as long as their employer does not pay for it. The trial version or free version of the software is allowed for use on a (1) computer. TERM This license is valid from the date of purchase and remains in effect until the termination.

You can terminate the license and this contract at any time by destroying the SOFTWARE and its documentation as well as all copies in any form. Only use the software via a network if you have purchased a sufficient number of licenses. The number of users should not exceed the number of licenses purchased. Sublicensing, renting, renting, transferring or assigning your personal serial number or registration key. Privacy Policy: This user license agreement (ACCORD) is an agreement between you (individual or individual) and Stardock Corporation for the De Fences (THE SOFTWARE) program that accompanies this ACCORD.