Una Local 301 Collective Agreement

🌹🌹🌹🌹 nominations are now open for the United Nurses of Alberta`s Bread – Roses Award, which honours members who demonstrate leadership, true spirit of solidarity, unionism and the promotion of social justice at the local, departmental or provincial levels. The last four-year collective agreement with Alberta Health Services and the United Nurses of Alberta expired almost a year ago. During the pandemic, the government also continued negotiations for a new agreement on pay and working conditions with doctors. Health Minister Tyler Shandro and Dr. Paul Boucher, the head of the Alberta Medical Association, recently announced an interim agreement. WADA members are now voting on whether to ratify the agreement. “The AHS negotiator is not there and is in charge of COVID. Alberta Health Services hires people to negotiate their collective agreements and hires professional negotiators. You do not hire covid health professionals. Harrigan said the government is moving forward with other health initiatives, such as. B reducing the wait time for surgeries, and that it was time to come back to the table to clarify the contract and determine how nurses fit into these changes. Each appointment must be supported by at least two nominators and all active members with a good reputation of the ADF are entitled to be appointed. “nurses@una.ca This round of negotiations is the first time that the Minister of Finance continues to grossly insult these press releases,” said Industrial Relations Director David Harrigan. Each week includes about 10 to 15 minutes of learning content plus a 50-minute live session, which is offered several times a week to match most schedules.

A big cry for the 301 members of the region and all health professionals this Easter weekend. Thank you for your hard work taking care of your patients. The number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta has increased sharply since the middle of last week, reaching more than 500 per day. New variants broke records on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. READ MORE: Nurses union rejects Alberta government request to delay negotiations for new agreement. In a press release issued on Thursday, he said he was “very disappointed” by the ADF`s decision.