What Is A Non Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement

I didn`t know much, even after I told him two or three times, even during the signing of the contract, “we only want your presentation of this house.” He had us in his office for 15 minutes and outside. Later, I will make sure that we have signed an exclusive 104-day contract. It`s not fair! We trust this guy who thinks he should look for our best interests. Not once, he asked, “What are you looking for a house” We simply assumed it was no different from the last non-exclusive form we signed and signed. The agent knew that our toddlers were walking around during the signing, my partner phone rang the hook, my head was tired of the problems my daughter moved to her fathers. He knew he had put us in something we didn`t want. Stupid, yes, it`s not like me usually, but I trust this person because he looked like a good guy and we were so tired!!!!!! In fact, we did not know that we had signed this type of contract until he filed a complaint in court and the paper work was delivered to our house. We found a house thanks to the contract to search for a house. Even if it was a standard form, as he told us.

Our last agent contract form had a 5-day period during which we were not allowed to use another agent. This agent also told us that forms are the norm. I feel trapped! Many agents want you to sign an exclusive buyer agent agreement before doing anything else. Unless you get something special, which you shouldn`t sign. Offer to sign a non-exclusive agent contract – this way you will have an influence on them, not on you. They are motivated to work for you and find a property that attracts you to a price you want to pay, because if it doesn`t go, someone else. Even the best agent can`t find what doesn`t exist, like a three-bedroom house in La Jolla for $250,000, but if it exists, I`ll work to find it first, and I`ll get paid for it because our agreement says I`ll get paid when I introduce it to you. If you have signed an exclusive agreement, they are in no hurry to help you.

Finally, listing agreements put up for sale are (usually) individual agreements for a given land for a specified period of time. As long as there is no more than one listing contract per property that is in effect simultaneously, you can have any number of different agents for sale, even if you have signed an exclusive buyer contract for purchases. Also, I would never consider using the listing agent as my buyer`s agent – all the legal responsibilities of the agents indicate the seller in such a case.