Miloby Ideasystem is an award-winning boutique design studio located in New York City // Our best work is for clients who need to make change happen, with entrepreneurs launching new ideas, and with heritage brands seeking innovation // Miloby Ideasystem provides both the thinking and the making that brands seek. We do our research and yours in order to be able to challenge convention, provide meaningful, strategic paths forward and do the heaving-lifting needed to build out these ideas // Miloby Ideasystem delivers a brand’s evergreen look and feel (identity systems, packaging and communication) along with its consumer experience (environments, digital content) // Miloby Ideasystem has deep focused expertise in beverage, premium packaged goods, beauty and real estate and is able to provide targeted case studies upon request // Please reach the studio by email or 212.627.9510 // Miloby Ideasystem was founded by Milana Kosovac  // Miloby Ideasystem operates remotely and is always interested in receive creative portfolios via the studio email.

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